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Yes, :iconmazmon7734: tagged me with one of those tagged journal thingies so I'm honor bound to reply all his questions with the utmost honesty:

1: Who is your favorite deviant artist?     Hmmm...It's hard to choose just one...I like :iconvirus-20:'s stuff but I'm starting to warm up to :iconjuacoproductionsarts: :)
2: What art medium is your favorite?     I love traditional art the best :)
3: What type of cartoon animation is your favorite?     Again, traditional ;)
4: What was the first video game you remember playing?     Mario 1 at the about 4-5 years old...good times :)
5: If you could perform Instant Transmission, where would you go?     Someplace nice and warm that also has fat girls in skimpy bikini's :P
6: What is your least favorite movie?     Too big to list :(
7: What annoys you the most?     Same answer as #6
8: Do you like waffels?     Of course! Why would you need to ask that?
9: Did you enjoy filling this out? I said, honor bound to be honest ;)
10: Now what are you going to do?     Proof read this journal then post it :P

Now I have a few questions of my own, which I'm making far more belly-related :D :
1: Who are your top 3 favorite artists?
2: What do you love about these tag journals?
3: What do you hate about these tag journals?
4: What's the youngest you'd like to see someone with a big belly?
5: What's the oldest you'd like to see someone with a big belly?
6: Furry, halfs, humans or some combo?
7: Tell us about the first big-bellied/fat girl you've ever saw (nothing to pervy if she happens to be under 18 ;) )
8: Tell us about the latest big-bellied/fat girl you saw (Again, nothing to pervy if she happens to be under 18)
9: What's your favorite place to travel to?
10: Which one of my OC's do you like the most and why?

As for the tagging, I choose:
:iconsupervore123: :iconbowserjrdude: :iconmaxicoon: :iconjuliomartell: :icongnight: :iconghastlygluttons: :icondokudoku111: and finally, despite not being tagged by him :iconprotomite:
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United States
Hi, I'm Phrooglefa (or Phrooglevore since that is my more common username ^_- ).

I love Stuffing, Weight Gain and Vore stuff.

The group you'll most likely see expanded in my gallery are Cubs (Well cubs and humans, I like both :) ). Plus I'm willing to rp any of the above if anyone is interested ^_^ (PM for that). Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work


phrooglefa has started a donation pool!
2,513 / 90,000
Just a nice place for people to pay their point commissions (or be generous and donate points :D ).

Remember all donations will go to commissioning cool fat/vore stuff from great artists ;)

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